Panera Bread Co “Night Out” Fundraiser

On Thursday March 31, Sokol St. Louis will benefit from a Night Out Fundraiser at The Panera (St. Louis Bread Co.) at 6607 Chippewa.  From 4:00 – 8:00 PM we will receive a percentage of sales based on the number of flyers we submit.  The more flyers we submit the better our return.

  • 20-30 Flyers: 10% of net sales from redeemed flyers
  • 31-49 flyers: 15% of net sales from redeemed flyers
  • 50+ Flyers: 20% of net sales from redeemed flyers

So grab your friends and each of you take a flyer and order separately and the more flyers we turn in the more $$ we’ll get back!  Hope you can stop by for a fresh salad or sandwich and help us with an easy way to raise a little money!Panera Night Out Flyer 201603

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