The Sokol Pool will open at 12 noon on Monday June 15th.  Besides the normal camp and pool rules that are attached, there are some additional changes due to Covid-19.

•    Capacity – We will be having reduced capacity both in the pool itself, the pool area and cabanas.  There will be a maximum of 29 people in the pool and total of 40 people in the pool and deck area combined.  The cabanas will have a capacity of 4 people in there at one time.  If a member has smaller children needing assistance, additional people will be allowed.
                   o    If we would reach our capacity, we would ask those no longer swimming that they move to the bar or picnic table areas.

•    Number of visitors’ members can bring to camp – with the reduced capacity, we will be reducing the number of visitors each member can bring to camp from 5 to 3.  Normal visitor fees still apply, and we ask that all visitors sign the logbook in the pool area so we know how many are visiting camp plus if needed, for contact tracing.

•    Social distancing – Please observe and respect normal social distancing guidelines for those outside your immediate family.

•    Sanitation – Additional sanitation of the gates, doors to the cabana, lock box, sinks and toilets will be done once each day.  There will be additional sanitation spray, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer available.  Please follow any directions with the disinfect sprays and all supplies should remain at Sokol Camp.

•    Sokol Camp will not be providing any pool toys or floatation devices at Camp.  All members need to bring their own pool toys and floatation items.  These items should be removed when the member departs Camp as left over items will be discarded.

If a member is needing the code to the lockbox, they can text Joe Goedeker, Jeff Kalbac or Marla Breidenbach.  In your text please indicate who is texting.  As a reminder, the code to the lockbox should not be given out to any non-member.

PDF Document with numbers available click HERE. General Pool Rules also available HERE.