About Us.

Early Beginnings

The Sokol Organization was initially founded in Czechoslovakia in 1862 on the ideals of a Miroslav Tyrs, “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” Sokol offered gymnastics and other fitness activities combined with cultural preservation and family oriented activities.

Birth of American Sokol

February 14th 1865, a group of immigrant friends remembered the Sokol at their former home in Bohemia and agreed they should start a similar Sokol unit here at their new home St. Louis. Today over 150 years later there are Sokol Units across the US that still keep ties to their Czech roots.

Present Day

While we still embrace our Czech Heritage and celebrate it annually at some of our traditional events like the Czech Festival and Svatý Mikuláš, we offer events and activities for people of all ages and backgrounds. We continue to offer physical fitness and gymnastics programs but have a variety of social events throughout the year as well.

Want to learn more?

There is plenty to research and learn about the American Sokol Organization and Sokol St. Louis. We invite you to come down and meet us and find out first hand!

Check out our Upcoming Events, we’ll see you soon!

American-Czech Educational Center

Interested in Membership?

The best way to start your path to Membership in Sokol St. Louis is to come down and get to know us. In the meantime, if you’re interested in additional information about membership in Sokol St. Louis, send a message to membership@sokolstl.org and a representative from our Membership Committee will reach out to you.