100th Anniversary of Sokol Camp

100 years of Sokol Camp wouldn’t be possible without YOU! It’s not too late to be a part of the celebration!


  • We recovered the time capsule from the 75th anniversary of Camp and will be replacing it at the end of the Summer with a new one for the next 25 years. Be a part of history and send us some of your photos, share your memories of your favorite times at Camp, or write up a quick note about what Sokol Camp means to you. We want to include memories and photos from everyone who is willing to share them! Dig out those old albums and send over some copies to info [at] sokolstl.org
  • If you need some prompts on what to write, visit THIS FORM and answer the questions provided and we’ll incorporate your responses into our displays!

Want to find out more?

We hope you’ll come join us at an event and find out more about our organization and what it can offer you. For more information about Sokol Membership, please contact us at membership@sokolstl.org

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