Online Payment

Thank you for choosing to make an online payment for your membership dues to Gymnastic Association Sokol (Sokol St. Louis).

Select your Membership Type to make your dues payment online. 3% Convenience Fee applied to all online payments.

If you have questions or experience any problems making online payment, please contact Matt [314]606.1453 for assistance.

If you are not certain which type applies to you or if your membership type is not an option, please do not make online payment without consulting a Sokol Officer or Membership Committee Member.

If you have submitted your application and have been screened for membership, you will only pay the screening fee until you are sworn in as a member. at that time you will be advised the membership rate you will pay for the remainder of the calendar year (pro-rated amount).

Membership Types

Student Members

Students are members who are not employed full time and whose time is primarily devoted to their studies and not to employment. Children of Sokol members who have reached the age of 17 are no longer eligible for Sokol privileges under their parent’s membership unless the Child is enrolled in the Junior class. In such cases, the student is eligible and encouraged to join Sokol at the end of the gym semester and Senior school year to be eligible for membership privileges.

Family Plan Members

Family Plan Members – anyone (individual person) with children under the age of 18, and whose spouse is not also a member – will allow privileges for the member’s children under 17.

Individual Members

Individual Members – members who are not student or Family Plan Members, including members whose spouse is a Sokol member. An individual who has children under 17 (whose spouse is NOT a member) must pay the Family Plan Membership for the children to be eligible for Sokol privileges in gym program and at Camp.

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